Ghetto Amaretto - Oll Korrect E.P. Cover Artwork (1080 x 1080 @ 96 ppi).png

Oll Korrect

by Ghetto Amaretto

'Oll Korrect' - the new 5 track e.p. from Ghetto Amaretto (the first new e.p. in 8 years) - will be released on Friday 23/11/2018, throughout streaming services.

'Oll Korrect' marks the first new extended release from Ghetto Amaretto, in 8 years -and the entirety of this e.p. was written, and recorded transatlantically via the internet, by Ghetto members living 5,000 km apart, in New York and Waterford. With the two members not having been in the same room (or continent) as each other for the entirety of the recording and writing process, the ability to ‘jam’ a song together in person was not a possibility, and so emails, FaceTime, and FTPs were used, as the band members exchanged demos and ideas – with the resultant five songs being symptomatic of this process, marked by a collision of live instrumentation, and digital/electronic elements.

The project was also an entirely in-house produced piece - with both members recording in their respective home-studios, and Scew taking on mixing and production duties, while Chris has developed the artwork, videos, and media that will slowly be released to accompany the e.p..

The e.p.'s name - ‘Oll Korrect’ - references the likely origin of the modern phrase ‘O.K.’ – which began in Boston in 1838, where a group used abbreviated expressions and exaggerated misspellings (‘oll korrect’, being ‘all right’) as part of a fad of the time – it was, to an extent, an early case of ‘meme culture’. The name ‘Oll Korrect’ has been adopted for this e.p., as part of a reflection of the sarcastic - but hopeful - subjects covered over the course of the 5 songs; things that leave you saying/hoping ‘everything is going to be O.K.’ - including ocean pollution, political unease, and the role of technology.

Click here to watch the first ‘teaser’ video for 'Oll Korrect' on YouTube.

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